The Striped Risk

Well, ladies and gentleman… As of today, I am 24 weeks and 2 days along! We were so happy to find out that we are having a little boy and we just cannot WAIT to hold him and welcome him to our family. Life has been wonderful and this pregnancy has actually gone a lot better than expected and our doctors agree!

I have had to start seeing a chiropractor to keep all of my bones and everything in alignment. My right hip started causing me serious issues, and I wasn’t walking very well, so it was definitely necessary. The difference that these appointments have made on my body is absolutely incredible, and my OB ordered a belt for my hips, just in case I need extra support in between, but it hasn’t really been necessary for a few weeks now! 🙂

3 weeks ago, M and I went to have a 3D ultrasound done and that was when my sister found out that we are having a little boy. She passed the word along to both of our moms and they all threw us a reveal party! It was sooo much fun! When it was time for the little man’s gender to be revealed, we were called onto the porch and given a water bottle to hold. We were then given an envelope with koolaid mix in it, which was to turn blue or pink when added to the water. I was far too nervous to poor the mix in myself, so my mother in law did the honors and the water turned blue! We were both so shocked and absolutely elated (as we still are)! To celebrate, M and I went and made our first purchase for our little boy… A carseat and stroller set! 🙂 So, the planning continues, but we still have so much time! It almost feels like too much time sometimes, because we are so anxious to hold this little man… Especially his daddy! He says it’s his turn to carry him.

Well… All of the wonderful things aside, this pregnancy does still come with risk. And I was reminded of this last week at my ultrasound with my specialist. First… They confirmed that there is indeed a little man growing in my belly (he has his daddy’s chin). Next, they took measurements of all of his organs. We were met with some difficulty, because this little guy did not like being spied on and kept kicking the wand on my belly and moved around with his hands in his face, so we couldn’t see him! Eventually, he ended up curled up on top of his legs, hands in front of his face, and completely turned towards my back. Because we couldn’t measure his legs all the way, he measured a little small, but no one was concerned in the least bit except his momma. All I want is a big, strong boy! Anyway… Everything was beautiful and this little boy is definitely active! But after everything, I was reminded to be extra cautious from here on out. Why? Preterm labor risks.

I know… Way to crap on my Wheaties, doc. Am I right? So, I have been having some seriously contradicting feelings. While I have been working extra hard to practice remaining calm, I have also been a bit of a bag of nerves (counter-productive, I know). From what I have heard and read – yes, reading is dangerous sometimes – most pregnant women with EDS/POTS make it 30 weeks before hitting early labor. You might ask “can’t they stop it?” Well… No, not really. How my doc explained it, was that, when the body goes into labor, certain muscles contract, while certain muscles loosen to make room for baby to make an easy journey. Apparently, the problem with EDSers, is that when our muscles loosen, they mean serious business and labor will progress rather quickly! Don’t get me wrong, I see how this could be a potentially awesome side effect. However, no mommy wants a premie. So right now, the focus is keeping me calm and avoiding preterm labor in any form! Honestly, logically, I know I don’t need to be too concerned, because that 30 week timeline, is most typical for women with Type I and II EDS, and a consultation with a geneticist, confirmed suspicions of type III for this Zebra, though she did recommend getting tested for genetic markers with little man once he is here, so that his risk can be assessed. But I ask you… When is the last time you met a logical pregnant woman?

That’s what I thought. So… My emotions tend to take over from time to time, causing me to just wish these next 16 weeks would fly by, so that I know my son is okay and so I can get him here safely.

Here are a few photos of our little man for you! Yes… Still a little creepy, because he didn’t have much fat yet.

You will see him kicking back with his arms behind his head… This is how his daddy sleeps.

You will see his little fist rubbing his eye… My favorite!

And you will see his profile… Note his Daddy’s chin. 🙂




Well… Thanks for letting me share with you! It has been a pleasure. I wish you and yours a wonderful day and send you all off with Zebra hugs and love until next time! 😀


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